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Judging from the reactions of certain people online, my long-list has received mixed reviews for some of the bizarre and supposedly poor choices on the list. True there are a few disappointing ones on there, but I can assure you most of those will NOT make the final list, a big clue being that the likes of CON-AIR and SPEED would be on the list but as this is a more mature list, I am not putting on their otherwise they could end up higher on the list then the likes of GONE WITH THE WIND and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. And that would really underline my credentials as a determined film critic. But anyhow here's a list of certain films that never made the long-list....

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE - 1950 - Wasn't far off making it, need to watch it again.
ALL ABOUT EVE - 1950 - Did enjoy the story and the acting, but it left me a bit cold in retrospect.
AMADEUS - 1984 - Very beautiful to look at as well as the music, but a bit dull on occasions. 
AMERICAN BEAUTY - 1999 - Spacey is brilliant in it but again, dragged in parts and a bit random as well. 
AMERICAN HISTORY X - 1998 - Not too far off the long-list but I will need to watch it again.
ANCHORMAN - 2004 - Can't understand the love for this, Ferrell is funny as is Carrell but the dialogue is bizzare to say the least.
ANNIE HALL - 1977 - It's funny in parts and cleverly written, but the ending lowered its tone, and bittersweet endings really grind my gears.
BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN - 1925 - Some of my uni buddies will agree this was a strange film though it at least inspired one of my all time favourite scenes from THE UNTOUCHABLES (87).
THE BIG LEBOWSKI - 1998 - Don't get the love I'm afraid, Bridges is funny in it, but like most Coen Bros films, it's just too random in parts.
THE BLUES BROTHERS - 1980 - The forks and torches are out here, I liked the soundtrack but it wasn't as funny as I expected and the story was silly.
BORN ON THE FORTH OF JULY - 1989 - An uncomfortable viewing to say the least, though Cruise gives one of the best male performances I've seen, may need to view it again....
BOYZ N THE HOOD - 1991 - Again another watch is required, maybe next time.
CHINATOWN - 1974 - A classic for many though the ending left me cold, and again, need to watch it again to remember certain scenes but I reckon it will make my list in the future when I appreciate it more.
CLERKS - 1994 - Don't know why, but I just prefer II.
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND - 1977 - One of THE overrated classics, even if Spielberg is my fave director, it is pretty to watch though the sentimental scenes take away its magic.
COOL HAND LUKE - 1967 - Was going well till the dark ending which spoilt it a bit for me, but can see why it's loved by many. 
DANCES WITH WOLVES - 1990 - Lovely to look at, but it's a long film so patience was needed by me again, but another viewing will happen someday.
DEAD POET'S SOCIETY - 1989 - Another film with a dark ending that spoilt what was looking like another intelligent and united film, but at least Williams is on top form.
DIRTY HARRY - 1971 - Can understand the love, but I've seen better cop films.
DO THE RIGHT THING - 1989 - This wasn't far off the long-list either but it will be there in the future if I enjoy it more second time round.
DOG DAY AFTERNOON - 1975 - Need to watch this again, but Pacino is quality and the ending was vastly unexpected.
DR STRANGELOVE - 1964 - First time, enjoyed it, second time, didn't laugh as much as I would have thought but there are some great, witty one-liners and memorable scenes.
ENTER THE DRAGON - 1973 - I did like it, I need to watch more kung-fu cinema but I had to cut a few extra films off my list and this was one of them, wahhhhhh!
ERASERHEAD - 1976 - Freaked the hell out of me this film, no chance of it making the list.
FARGO - 1996 - Another overrated film that features the most overrated Oscar-winning performance of all time and is just all over the place in bits.
THE FRENCH CONNECTION - 1971 - Will have to watch again, liked this but not enough to make the 300.
THE GRADUATE - 1967 - Another of the overrated classics which has a nice soundtrack and good performances from Hoffman and Bancroft but is it really a comedy? I hardly laughed....
HEAT - 1995 - Did like this years ago, but I guess that one scene of Pacino and De Niro in the cafe was the highlight of an OKish thriller.
THE HURT LOCKER - 2008 - Decent war film, but dragged in places but a second viewing could benefit it in the future.
IN BRUGES - 2008 - Loved the script, I really did, but the ending let it down, though it wasn't far off the 300.
THE INCREDIBLES - 2004 - Probably the overrated film in Pixar's collection, it's fun no question but not as memorable as say Toy Story.
THE ITALIAN JOB - 1969 - It's a golden oldie of course, but not good enough to make the long-list.
THE LAST EMPEROR - 1987 - Like AMADEUS (84), gorgeous to look at, but the story dragged in places and wasn't as brilliant as I expected.
THE LAST PICTURE SHOW - 1971 - Solid performances but again boring in specific places.
LEON - 1994 - It's a badass film but strange in certain parts and not as awesome as I was hoping.
L.A CONFIDENTIAL - 1997 - Great cast but the story was jumbled and everywhere.
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL - 1997 - The comedy turned drama setting kind of worked, but it wasn't as beautifully powerful as I was hoping, plus the music drove me nuts.
LIFE OF BRIAN - 1979 - Holy Grail is better, though Bright Side of Life is brilliant.
LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - 2006 - Liked the cast and the script but too indie for my liking.
THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY - 1980 - I prefer Hoskins's other British hard-man film, MONA LISA (86).
THE LOST WEEKEND - 1945 - Powerful story and acting from Ray Milland but the ending made it too comforting for any viewer who has alcoholic desires.
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - 1960 - Loved the music and the cast, but the death toll towards the end just seemed to be created for dramatic effect.
THE MALTESE FALCON - 1941 - Decent film which needs a second viewing no question.
THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE - 1962 - Cleverly made, but grim in certain places.
MEAN STREETS - 1973 - I did like the Scorsese presence of the film but it dragged in parts and wasn't as mesmerizing as I expected.
MILLION DOLLAR BABY - 2004 - Booooooring, the first half was good until Maggie breaks her neck, the film suddenly becomes Eastenders with its grim climax.
MONSTERS INC - 2000 - Was VERY close to making the list but I thought there's at least five or six better Pixar films to choose from.
NASHVILLE - 1975 - A bit random in places, good cast but a strange story affects its appeal.
NIL BY MOUTH - 1997 - Too vicious IMO, though Winstone and Burke are extraordinary, the gritty and monstrous setting makes it an uncomfortable watch.
NOSFERATU - 1922 - Weird and daunting.
NOTORIOUS - 1946 - Like DIAL M FOR MURDER (54) and VERTIGO (58), its another over-appreciated Hitchcock film.
THE OMEN - 1976 - A bit too freakish for my taste.
ORDINARY PEOPLE - 1980 - Not far off the list, will probably be there in the future.
THE PIANIST - 2002 - Did like this as well, but it dragged in parts, SCHINDLER'S LIST (93) was better.
REDS - 1981 - Too long, though I can understand the epic approach to its audience.
ROSEMARY'S BABY - 1968 - Not as brutal as I expected, was boring in parts and the ending didn't really fascinate me.
SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE - 1998 - Was pretty to look at but how SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (98) didn't win the Oscar is beyond me.
SIN CITY - 2005 - It's thrilling in places and helped well by the badass cast, but sometimes there was too much going on to try and catch up on.
STRAW DOGS - 1971 - Another grim flick that didn't excite me much aside from the climatic shootout.
THE TERMINATOR - 1984 - Most will agree that Judgement Day is better, fact.
THE THIN RED LINE - 1998 - Loooong film that has an epic cast but not as energetic as other war films.
THIS IS SPINAL TAP - 1984 - THE king of overrated films; the acting, the writing and the rest of it, just bored me, it didn't captivate me, and no where near as good or even funny as satires like BORAT (06) or IN THE LOOP (09)
TOP GUN - 1986 - Can understand the love for it but a bit too corny in parts. 
TOTAL RECALL - 1990 - Same as TOP GUN (86), though Arnie and the makeup really make it better then others on this list.
VERTIGO - 1958 - I know Hitchcock had an obsession with killing women off but killing the same woman twice? Felt robbed by the ending!

WEST SIDE STORY - 1961 - Love the music but I prefer the Baz Luhrman version of Romeo and Juliet....
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE - 1962 - Was freaky in parts and Davis was terrifying but the ending let it down (again).
WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - 1989 - I liked it in bits, but it tried to hard to be like ANNIE HALL (77), which I also didn't like....
THE WILD BUNCH - 1969 - Was good, brutal too, but the whole blaze of glory ending just irritated me.
WITHNAIL & I - 1987  - Better than I expected, but if I had subtitles on my DVD, I would have understood 3/4 of the dialogue.
THE WRESTLER - 2008 - Rourke is superb in it, but just grim on occasions, and certainly no ROCKY (76).


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