Friday, 10 June 2011


Having spent a good deal of time making my top 100 lists, I am delighted to have gained an extra list which has been contributed by LINDSEY CRANSON who has been kind enough to let me post her article, with a list of films that I probably would never have thought about. However the article comes from her own blog which talks about the nursing program and like myself, she has made her own list which focuses on the top 25 medical films. It's a solid list with some very good contenders, one of them being AWAKENINGS (1990), which funnily enough I watched the other night, beautifully made film with superb performances from Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. Here's the article with the list on it, hope you all take some time out to give it a read:

My next film list will come later on, the 100 Musical Scores, for all you music fans out there!


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