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I hope you all enjoyed that first part of the comedy list, it takes a lot of time to scroll through that IMDB list of films I've already seen, and finding the group of hilarious films which made me laugh and sort them into this list, I now present my top 20 comedies of all time, yes I am serious....and don't call me Shirley!

20. JACKASS 3D (2010)

The sick yet howling stunts of Johnny Knoxville and co. have been a phenomenal success for the Jackass series in the last 10 or so years, but it was last year's third film which really outdid the previous two with some some shocking stunts whether it be the Duck shooting to the sweat cocktail and of course, the port-a-potty stunt, yuck!

19. THE FULL MONTY (1997)

The story of a group of unemployed Sheffield men including Begbie from Trainspotting, Denzil from Only Fools and Eddie Windass from Corrie who decide to take part in a strip-o-gram, proved a surprise success for many with its loveable characters, humorous situations and a cracking soundtrack. Even the above scene was spoofed by Prince Charles!


As great as the TV series of this is, the film is in another league in terms of its shock-factor, from the controversial but enjoyable songs to the foul-mouthed exploits of Cartman and co. and a surprise hatred of Canada, Celine Dion and Bill Gates. A sequel must be made for the sake of characters like Butters, Jimmy and Stan's dad to make it to the big screen! 

17. LIAR LIAR (1997)

One of my favourite comic actor's best film comes in the shape of this hysterical courtroom flick with Jim Carrey on top form and allowing himself to play his character with such energy and craziness. So many great scenes whether it be the "I've had better" moment to that lift scene with a former Emmanuelle star, just as funny as the outtakes in the credits.

16. SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959)

As much as I love Mrs Doubtfire, Billy Wilder's 1959 classic is the best transgender comedy of all time, with solid performances from Lemmon, Curtis and the desireable Monroe. The constant kissing/tango dance sequence is one great inter-cut scene, all finished off by one of the best last lines in film; "Nobody's perfect"!

15. HOME ALONE (1990) 

Without doubt one of the most popular Christmas films, Home Alone's box-office popularity benefited from the casting of Macaulay Culkin who plays everyone's favourite film kid. Even more of a coup was the casting of gangster star Joe Pesci as the muttering half of Harry and Marv who are compromised by Kevin's set of traps. The sequel is just as good, if not better in most's people's opinion.


Perhaps the most popular Carry On film, this British classic had the top names you needed to make this a true hit; James, Williams, Sims, Windsor, Jacques etc, they're all there. Whether it be the naughty innuendo or the colourful characters, the Brits have always been the best at that sort of thing, even if it was the late 60's....  

13. SCARY MOVIE 3 (2003)

Most people will crucify me for placing this above a classic like Some Like It Hot, but this is a really funny film that gets loads of laughs from its spoof reputation, taking the mick out of The Ring, Scream and Signs and getting it spot on. Adding some talented actors and awesome cameos, this ranks as another '3rd' film that does the job and becomes the most popular of its franchise a'la Toy Story and Return of the King.


I told you the Brits are great at comedies. John Cleese's comical influence becomes key to the film with Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Palin just as good in this comic-crime caper. But it is a hysterical (and Oscar-winning) contribution from Kevin Kline that really gets the most laughs, he ain't stupid you know....

11. SHREK 2 (2004)

Most animated films can be seen as funny when they are given great script which is exactly what Shrek 2 gives. As good as the first film is, the sequel is just excellent. New characters like Puss N Boots who are made welcome by its audiences like those in the first film, the continuation to spoof the fairytale genre with cultural/pop references and finally gaining its deserved acclaim as one of cinema's best sequels

#10. THE NAKED GUN (1988)

Leslie Nielsen was one of the funniest men in his profession. Period. His scene-stealing role in Airplane launched a mid-life career in his 50's allowing to play one of cinema's unlikeliest but hilarious lead characters. Idiotic but determined copper Frank Drebin causes carnage in his path but always gets the job done, saving the Queen in this film and appearing in two just-as-good sequels.

#9. FOUR LIONS (2010)

Proving that terrorism can get a few laughs, controversial writer/director Chris Morris makes his conscience clear with this dark but satirical look at a group of Pakistani terrorists wanting to blow up the internet before switching their attention to the London marathon. Some bizarre but hair-splitting one-liners add to the genius of Morris with hysterical scenes and characters. Just one question though. Is a wookie a bear?


But as far as satire goes on the cultural stage, football has always warranted a great film and this underrated gem proved just that, with Ricky Tomlinson having the success of playing two of the funniest fictional characters in Film/TV. From the use of Kipling's IF poem to the half-time rant, the likes of Steve McClaren and Fabio Capello missed a trick with getting some advice from this film. Even Mike Bassett got us to the semi-finals.....


Once again John Hughes showed why he deserved that montage at the Oscars last year making some of the popular films of the 80's. Matthew Broderick gives a career best role as the rebellious Ferris who bunks off school to get up to many antics while pursued by the long-suffering headmaster, Mr Rooney. Again, another Hughes classic with witty one-liners, beloved characters and one of my favourite musical sequences involving Ferris singing Twist and Shout.

#6. BLADES OF GLORY (2007)

Again I don't expect to be ridiculed but this film endears to me having watched it during Liverpool FC's champions league final 'defeat!' back in 2007. Though others love Anchorman, this IS Will Ferrell's best film as it gives the best laughs with great chemistry alongside Jon Heder while the dance sequences are just as good. Forget Armageddon, the use of Aerosmith's 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' is more memorable here.

#5. BORAT (2006)

The ultimate 'mockumentary' gave laughs and tears of shock thanks to the genius of Sasha Baron Cohen who mocks every religion and subject possible. Only his Kazakhstan reporter could get away with accusing the jews of being responsible for 9/11 or kidnapping Pamela Anderson, the controversial hit deserves its popularity for making me howl with laughter in the cinema yet appalling me at the same time. Is nice!

#4. IN THE LOOP (2009)

My fave Brit comedy which as anything goes, ridicules the political side of society with another genius in the works; Armando Innaucci. The foul-mouthed dialogue proves spot on when it comes to lamenting our own government while also making us laugh at the stupidity of American politics plus the irony of Tony Soprano and Alan Partridge being in the same film. It also does itself justice with being as good as the popular TV series while Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker is the man when it comes to insults!

#3. HAPPY GILMORE (1996)

Adam Sandler films have been mostly mix and match but there's no denying that Happy Gilmore is THE best sports comedy film. In fact, the best golf film ever. Goofy predicaments for Sandler allow his angry but sport-obsessed Happy to become an unlikely golfing champion while facing bitter competition from Shooter McGavin. Some popular comic roles for the likes of Ben Stiller and Apollo Creed himself, Carl Weathers, lend further support to this gem while game-show host Bob Barker gave us another side to his TV host career with a hilarious fight scene with Happy. The price is wrong bitch.

#2. AIRPLANE! (1980)

Yes I am serious about this film being here....yeah you get the picture. The combination of Zucker and Abrahams gave us the 'spoof' genre with its ridiculing of Airport and poking fun at Jaws, Saturday Night Fever and From Here to Eternity. It also launched Leslie Nielsen's career, included pedophile vibes (Joey....) and no matter which scene in the film you watch you'll be guaranteed at least 3 laughs. Classic lines, classic characters, classic scenes, just about the ultimate spoof film which doesn't even give it top spot here.....


What you see is what you get with my favourite comedy film, and IMO John Hughes's best. Steve Martin's long-suffering businessman who tries to get home for Thanksgiving with the company of annoying but loveable shower curtain-ring salesman Del Griffith (John Candy) was without doubt a hysterical experience that gets the most laughs out of any other film on this. Every scene is memorable, the dialogue is wonderful when it makes you laugh (or even cry at a couple of points), and the chemistry between Martin and Candy is fantastic. I must have watched it 30 times, it's a shortish film but one you can watch again and again and one that never gets criticism. It's also a roadie movie that appeals to anyone stuck in similar predicaments to Neal and Del and one that shows friendship comes through unlikely sources. Thank you to the late John Hughes. One of the Craig Kell Classics!

Thanks for reading this folks, next list will come tomorrow, the top 100 Thrills!


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