Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I have put aside my film critic duties to make a personal review of a new surrounding which will get more visits from me I'm sure. Having missed out on getting the job at the recently built Light Cinema in New Brighton, there was initial reluctance from me to actually go there straight away given the disappointment of losing out on a much-needed job there. However I had to go there in the end to see what all the fuss was about seeing as the Queen actually opened it last week. But on a cold, bitter December morning, I set out to the new building to watch a film which I also was keen on seeing what the hype was like, Martin Scorsese's 3-D! As the cinema was being promoted as all-digital I couldn't resist the temptation to see a film that looked technically stunning in that version especially in a new arena where cinematic magic would come to life!

After eventually finding the entrance which didn't stand out too well unlike say FACT, I wandered into the place and straight away was left wowed by the stature of what the company set out to do. To amaze customers the moment they walk in. To see colourful images of Robert De Niro and Sean Connery straight made me knew this was a film environment. Looking around the place, I first looked up the bar which had a cosy feeling to it and like FACT cinema, it does look like it'll be a popular attraction for mature customers looking for a nice sit down and a cup of coffee. Not many customers were in, given the fact it was a Tuesday morning where all the school kids would still be in school plus it being too damn cold. But upon being served by staff I knew there would have to be a very dedicated amount of work that these new employees would have to contribute during the early stages of their new job. In all honesty, I was hoping to see them struggle but only because loving film had made me learn that commitment to a job expects you to have an unacquainted passion for that subject which is why I have made it my dream to work in the media/film industry, no matter what it takes. Given the severe conditions of this financially suffocated world I knew there'd be some employees looking to get some money in and not embrace the magical environment they were working in but alas I was treated very well by the staff who served me my ticket and drink without breaking a sweat

As I made my way up the escalator I was treated to more quality images of iconic film characters from James Bond and Neo to Mia Wallace and Tony Montana, it was the type of artwork and background props needed to make you feel the experience and what's more the music started to kick in. As I entered Screen 4, the roaring musical score from the master John Williams in Jurassic Park really nailed it and sitting amongst the colourful seats, the experience just felt surreal especially with a huge screen planted right before me. As I waited for the film to start (or actually the adverts), more music blared out including Born Free a piece of music from an Italian Christmas Opera but it was Maurice Jarre's loud and riveting Lawrence of Arabia score which provided the epic feel of the cinema and what it has set out to do. At one point, I did wait a little impatiently for the adverts to come on, though eventually two members of a staff came in to reveal that there would be no adverts on, and we'd have to wait a bit longer for the actual film to start. But with this music blaring out, it kept me relaxed for the cinematic adventure I was about to go on with Marty Scorsese's Hugo. Sound, picture and the beauty of 3-D made me enjoy the intimacy a lot more even after I'd left. Granted it's early days with the cinema and I wish it every success in the future, I still yearn to work there one day even though I have the cosiness of helping out in Crosby but the cinematic experience makes a grand entrance to New Brighton which will hopefully benefit from its arrival. Welcome to the Wirral, Light Cinema!


At 8 December 2011 at 14:41 , Blogger RAW said...

Hi Craig. I can say every member of staff is dedicated to film and to providing the best customer service to make the customers cinematic experience magical. There are a lot of skills and a lot of people from a background in film production and the showcasing of. Hope to read more film reviews of movies you've seen at our cinema. Thanks, Rory Wilmer.

At 9 December 2011 at 11:07 , Blogger Craig Kell said...

Thanks for your response Rory, I'm sorry if I came across as cynical though you have to understand that film is my passion and given my frustrations with finding work in the industry since I graduated last year, I was bound to be disappointed with not getting work at your establishment, though it was literally a 1 in 4 chance.

But I'm glad to hear your staff love their film too, that's key to what makes a place like your cinema work. The ones who served and spoke to me were really pleasant so I'm glad that worked out well.

But yes I do intend to come back to Light, top work there from your team!


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